How To Make On-Off Mosquito Repellent?

by IKTech July 15, 2017

A portion of the mosquito repellent accessible in the market utilize a dangerous fluid to create harmful vapors keeping in mind the end goal to repulse mosquitoes out of the room. Because of the consistent arrival of noxious vapors into the room, after 12 pm the characteristic adjust of the air creation for good wellbeing […]

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How to Control the Speed of a DC Motor Using Pulse-Width Modulation?

by IKTech July 8, 2017

Heartbeat width balance (PWM) or obligation cycle variety strategies are usually utilized as a part of speed control of DC engines. The obligation cycle is characterized as the rate of advanced “high” to computerized “low” in addition to computerized “high” heartbeat width amid a PWM period. Fig. 1 demonstrates the 5V beats with 0% through […]

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How to delete junk files in Windows 7, 8.1, and 10?

by IKTech July 4, 2017

Programming has a method for gathering on your Windows machine, and for security, framework execution, and circle space, it’s a smart thought to get out garbage records from time to time. Now and again Windows may make you do a set up overhaul (which happens as often as possible for individuals from the Insider program). […]

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How To Make A FM Booster?

by IKTech July 2, 2017

A recieving wire enhancer helps a radio flag impressively for gadgets that get radio waves. Numerous gadgets have a RF speaker arrange in their hardware, that increases the recieving wire flag. The got flag is typically low in adequacy and is insufficient for the collector hardware, thus the flag promoter. In this venture, we talk […]

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Heigh Voltage Generator using Microcontroller

by IKTech June 30, 2017

To drive little neon lights or comparative gadgets in your microcontroller/automated tasks, you require a high-voltage dc control supply for steady and quick execution. This circuit enables you to make an extremely basic dc-dc support (venture up) converter for broadly useful applications that require a high-voltage for legitimate operation. The circuit utilizes promptly accessible parts […]

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How To Make a Simple Mobile Jammer.

by IKTech June 25, 2017

In the prior post, we have learned about Simple FM Radio Jammer Circuit and its applications. Presently, let us find out around one all the more fascinating idea i.e. PDA or Mobile Phone Jammer Circuit. Straightforward Mobile Jammer Circuit Diagram: Portable Jammer Circuit Diagram Straightforward Mobile Jammer Circuit Diagram Mobile phone Jammer Circuit Explanation: In […]

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The most effective method to Turn Off Windows Update in Windows 10

by IKTech June 23, 2017

On Windows 10, you never again have total control over programming refreshes. They’re obligatory, and they download and introduce naturally to guarantee your gadget remains fully informed regarding the most recent security patches and upgrades. This approach is helpful for some clients, yet it’s not one that everybody needs. In case you’re running Windows 10 […]

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What is Diode and Type of Diode?

by IKTech June 21, 2017

Diode is a two-edged ectronics device. It is used primarily to move the electric current to a particular direction. This prevents the opposite electrical current. The diode is basically made of two types of materials. Such as: silicon or germanium. But silicon type diodes are more used. Different types of diodes: Structure: The diode consists […]

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What is capacitor?

by IKTech June 21, 2017

Capacitor is an electric parts special. It is made up of two dielectric vessels with a dielectric electrode. Die-electric is a substance that can be polarized under the influence of electric field. The dye-electric material can be glass, ceramic, plastic or just air.   Holder acts as a reservoir of power conservation in the circuit. […]

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Make a small test meter to test the component.

by IKTech June 19, 2017

All of us who work in electronics use EVO meters! With this AVO (A = Ampear, V = Volt, O = Ohom) we can measure the current, voltage and resistances! Using EVO meter reshman i.e. ohm meter, any component or part of electric and electronics can be tested better. Now the EVO meter will not […]

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