What is capacitor?

By IKTech June 21, 2017

Capacitor is an electric parts special. It is made up of two dielectric vessels with a dielectric electrode. Die-electric is a substance that can be polarized under the influence of electric field. The dye-electric material can be glass, ceramic, plastic or just air.


Holder acts as a reservoir of power conservation in the circuit. In case of this it works as a filter for high and low waves. Previously it would have been called a condenser (still called in the field). Because, first, scientists thought that the electric current in the holder was tied tightly. But later it was known that electricity does not get accumulated here. The charge is stored only and can be used as per the requirement. Increasing the holder of the medium die-electric material. The capacitor’s unit is Farad.


Below are some types of widely used capacitor.
Electrolyte Container (Electrolytic Capacitor)

This container is the most commonly used for high holding. Although used by the filter bypass circuits of the radio, AC circuits can not be used.
Ceramic Capacitor
Ceramic Capacitor
Ceramic Container / Ceramic Capacitor

Although the ceramics were used as die-electric, their holding capacity is very low. Only 1pF to 1000pF and maximum tolerable power up to 500 volts. It is used mainly by coupling-decippling bypass circuits.
Different types of wind holder or trimmer capacitor
Different types of wind holder or trimmer capacitor
Variable air holder or trimmer (Varaible Capacitor / Trimmer Capacitor)

Extremely trimmer capacitor can be increased and reduced. In this, several semicircular parallel aluminum lines are divided into two parts. Air acts as a dielectric medium between the pots. They are used as tuning circuits.

Some brief questions about the capacitor and its answer

The importance of the capacitor in electrical or electronic circuits is immense. In addition to inductors, registrars, ICs, our questions are nothing short of it. Below are some of the brief questions and their answers.
What is a capacitor or what?

It is basically an electric charge storage device. Its Bengali meaning means “container”, which means that the electrical charge.
What is the function of the circuits capacitor?

It is connected to electrical or electronics circuits and stores electrical charges. Again, the need for circuits to release those deposited charges.

It is easy to understand that the capacitor can be compared with very small batteries. Battery can store this electric charge for a long time. On the other hand, the capacitor can deposit this charge for a short time.
What type of capacitor will you use on the power supply

Power supply circuits should be used in a big, thick, and qualitative way to make good capacitors. Since the power supply is the life of any circuit and project. So, making it well, it’s as good as it is lasting and its quality is good. Therefore, it would be better to use appropriate and quality products without the need for power supply at any time.
How much voltage capacitor will be used in a circuit?

The field is such that the circuit diagram has a capacitor value, but its voltage is not specified. In that case, the value of the supply voltage of the circuit is steady and the capacitor volts are to be captured. Keep in mind that the capacitor’s voltage is higher than the supply volt. Otherwise there is a possibility that the circuits will not work.

Note: There are some circuits that can be produced in a supply voltage and can generate different quality volts. Such as IPS, Inverter, Voltage Booster etc. In order to understand the circuit, the capacitor volts must be determined. However, for those circuits, the capacitor volts are specially mentioned.

What type of capacitor should be used in the amplifiers

Power emplifier’s life is power supply The amplifier does not work well if there is no suitable current and voltage. The high-end amplifier playing on the computer or mobile phone is different. The sound system, which is made using sound box, must use a very good Japanese capacitor. From our links on the electronic site, you can read informative articles from this link: power emplifier or from our audio division.
How to determine the value of small PF capacitor

Generally PF capacitor values ​​are expressed in code. Such as:

101 – It means its value is 100 pf
102 – This means that it is 1000 pf or 1 nano farad quality, so …
105 – This means that its value is 1000000 pf or it’s 1 micro fired quality capacitor

That is, the value of this pF capacitor can be found if the “3” is set as the standard value in the 3rd house. If it is changed to nano farad or microparrade, its practical value will be found.

In addition to the values, the code used in the capacitates is indicated by its voltage and trailance.

I can read this article to know more.

Important parts for capacitor electrical or electronics circuits It is not possible to finish it.

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