Water level measuring and alarms.

By IKTech June 1, 2017

Why use water level measurement and alarm circuits? ? ?

We use water tanks everywhere and at home. On the motorcycle, think about when the water tank is full.

Again, on a motorcycle, I can not even know how much water the tank has.

If this problem can be resolved with a single circuit !!!

Yes, through this “water level measurement and alarm” project you will find solutions to all of these problems. Usage:

The amount of the tank is full of that can be understood.
If the tank is full it will be an alarm.

This project is very easy and can be made at a low cost.
Required components:

LEDs [2 green, 1 red] – Total 3.
Registry 1 KΩ – 3
Metal Conductor (Metal Conductor) – 4
IC ULN2003 – 1.
Digital Buzzer – 1.
12 V power supply / battery – 1.


Circuit Properties

Three levels of water in this circuit can be identified – low, middle and high level.
When the water touches the metal conductor, LEDs get burnt.
When the water reaches the high level then all the LEDs burn and the buzzer runs …

Connection and logging

The circuit IC-ULN2003’s 2,4.7 pin is connected with the metal conductor M3, M2, M1 as the input for lower, medium and high level respectively.
The 8th Pin is connected to the ground.
The 9th pin and the metal conductor M4 are connected to the Vcc (+) of the supply.
Pins of 15, 13 and 10 are connected to the 3-K1 Registry and the other side of the diode with a Vcc (+) link in the series with one end of the diode. (According to the figure)
As shown in Figure 10, pin and red LED will be connected to a Buzzer parallel with.

Your water level measurement and alarm project has been done. This is a very simple project. Hope everyone can easily understand.

Why is it late? Make the project today, and use it safely.

If there is any problem or can not understand the project, please contact us. Encourage others to read and share with others. Comment on when there are any suggestions.

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