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By IKTech June 19, 2017

How are you all After many days, I sat down to write tune today. Working pressure does not get the same time as before. In the electronics department, I have seen many tunes. Seeing them tune me a little awake. So sit down to write. There are several tunes in this tune that I will tune today. Today I will give LDR a small project gift. After watching the circuit, many can say, “I know it long ago” or “it’s kids project” and so on. Still tune. Tune up for those who want to learn. I have seen such a tune long ago. But sadly, the tune was just writing, the circuit diagram was not there.
Today I will present the circuit of Auto Street Lights. The work of the circuit is that, as soon as evening, the bulb of 220 volts will be lit and the bulb will be closed as soon as morning. There are many such circuits available on the internet. But there are some questions in mind. Like, will you work? Can all the components be available? Etc. The interesting thing is, I designed the circuit. The circuit will work and all the components will be available.
This circuit will be the most useful to them, those who keep the house or the outside of the shop burning at night. If you set this circuit in any box, then connect the two circuits to the circuit of the circuit, then the light will work in the light.
However, if you want to create this circuit, then collect the following components:
Any size LDR is a.
Two kilograms of resistance.
One of the ten kilo-ohh resistance
Q1 = Q2 = Two of the NPN transistors of any quality. I used BC547 here.
5 volts or 6 volts relay one.
As the power supply of the circuit, you can use adapter banana with good quality mobile charger or 6-volt transformer.

Now connect the diagram below.


Check out my connecting circuit in Verbodo:


Note a little:
If you use a 5-volt relay, then it will work well with the mobile charger as a power. But if using 6 volts relay, then the mobile charger can not work. It will depend on the mobile charger quality. However, the 6-volt adapter will be used in this case.
The two of the fences will be connected to the relay, which will be used to auto-switch (if they are already wired).
The LDR must be set in such a way that the light bulb at night is not over. If needed, cut the wall and set the LDR out.
If someone can not make it, then you can buy from me.

If you have trouble understanding, send me ADD day and message with rubelttc from Nimbuzz, Yahoo and Phasebook! We will try to solve your problems quickly ! Everyone will be good!

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