Make a IR remote control system.

By IKTech June 19, 2017

How are you all Today I will share the circuit that you have. It is a useful circuit. Especially in this winter, you will not have to go out of the bed or light up or break the heat of coating. You can also turn on any bulb or any electrical load from the bed on the bed, also using the remote device of TV, VCD, DVD etc. That means you do not have to go with a different remote. You can do the work by remotely using television in your house. If you want to make it, then collect the following components:

1. Two 330 ohms resinses color whose orange orange brown golden
2. Resistance of a 220 kilooham with red red yellow golden color.
3. A 1 kilooham resistance with the color of the black red gold.
4. A 47-ohm resistance with its color yellow purple black gold.
5. DC relay of a 5 volt or 6 volt.
6. A 1N4007 quality Rectifier Diode.
7. A 0.1uF quality nonopolarist capacitor whose code is 104.
8. Polarizer Capacitor of a 100uF 16V.
9. A CD4017 quality IC.
10. Transistor of a BC558 quality
11. Transistor of a BC548 quality
12. An IR sensor. You can put this sensor in the TV or VSD used.
13. LED a red color and a green color LED.

Now, let’s set the components¬† as the image.

See CD4017 ii PIN numbers.


Check the IR sensor pin and attach it to circuits accordingly.


Circuit Pure DC 5 volts. So you need to make a power supply using the 9-volt transformer and enter 5 volts in the circuit through 7805 standard regulator IC.

With this circuit you can control the load remotely.


After creating the TTC Tunes circuit, the red LED will shine when the voltage is inserted. Now pressing any button on your TV remote will burn the green LED, as well as the relay will be on. The load on which the connection will be given through the relay will be on. Again pressing any button on the remote, the red LED will glow and the relay will be off. As a result, the lady will be off.
Now you can put the entire circuit carefully inside the switch board or, in a tin box. But wherever you keep it, the sensor is out. Then you can work with a remote remote. If there is a TV in the house then the circuit must be placed opposite the TV or on the other side. Otherwise, pressing the remote to see the TV will affect the circuit.
So why start late today?
If you have trouble understanding, send me ADD day and message with rubelttc from Nimbuzz, Yahoo and Phasebook! We will try to solve your problems quickly ! Everyone will be good!

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