How To Make a Simple Mobile Jammer.

By IKTech June 25, 2017

In the prior post, we have learned about Simple FM Radio Jammer Circuit and its applications. Presently, let us find out around one all the more fascinating idea i.e. PDA or Mobile Phone Jammer Circuit.

Straightforward Mobile Jammer Circuit Diagram:

Portable Jammer Circuit Diagram

Straightforward Mobile Jammer Circuit Diagram

Mobile phone Jammer Circuit Explanation:

In the event that you comprehend the above circuit, this circuit examination is straightforward and simple. For any jammer circuit, recall that there are three principle vital circuits. When they are joined together, the yield of that circuit will act as a jammer. The three circuits are

RF intensifier.

Voltage controlled oscillator.

Tuning circuit.

So the transistor Q1, capacitors C4 and C5 and resistor R1 constitute the RF intensifier circuit. This will enhance the flag produced by the tuned circuit. The enhancement flag is given to the recieving wire through C6 capacitor. Capacitor C6 will evacuate the DC and permit just the AC flag which is transmitted noticeable all around.

At the point when the transistor Q1 is turned ON, the tuned circuit at the authority will get turned ON. The tuned circuit comprises of capacitor C1 and inductor L1. This tuned circuit will go about as an oscillator with zero resistance.

This oscillator or tuned circuit will create the high recurrence with least damping. The both inductor and capacitor of tuned circuit will waver at its resounding recurrence.

The tuned circuit operation is extremely straightforward and straightforward. At the point when the circuit gets ON, the voltage is put away by the capacitor as indicated by its ability. The primary capacity of capacitor is to store electric vitality. Once the capacitor is totally charged, it will enable the charge to course through inductor. We realize that inductor is utilized to store attractive vitality. At the point when the current is streaming over the inductor, it will store the attractive vitality by this voltage over the capacitor and will get diminished, sooner or later entire attractive vitality is put away by inductor and the charge or voltage over the capacitor will be zero. The attractive charge through the inductor will diminished and the present will charge the capacitor in inverse or turn around extremity way. Again after some timeframe, capacitor will get totally charged and attractive vitality over the inductor will be totally zero. Again the capacitor will offer charge to the inductor and winds up noticeably zero. After some time, inductor will offer charge to capacitor and wind up noticeably zero and they will waver and create the recurrence.

This circle run upto the inner resistance is created and motions will get stop. RF speaker nourish is given through the capacitor C5 to the authority terminal before C6 for pick up or like a lift flag to the tuned circuit flag. The capacitors C2 and C3 are utilized for producing the commotion for the recurrence created by the tuned circuit. Capacitors C2 and C3 will produce the electronic heartbeats in some arbitrary form (actually called commotion).

The input back or support given by the RF intensifier, recurrence produced by the tuned circuit, the commotion flag created by the capacitors C2 and C3 will be joined, opened up and transmitted to the air.

Wireless works at the recurrence of 450 MHz recurrence. To obstruct this 450MHz recurrence, we likewise need to create 450Mhz recurrence with some clamor which will go about as basic blocking signal, since mobile phone collector won’t have the capacity to comprehend to which flag it has been gotten. By this, we can ready to hinder the wireless flag from achieving the phones.

So here in the above circuit, we produced the 450 MHz recurrence to obstruct the genuine mobile phone flag. That is the thing that the above circuit will go about as a jammer for obstructing the real flag.

You can likewise get smart thought about another jammer circuit i.e. How TV Remote Control Jammer Circuit Works?


This circuit will work in the scope of 100 meters i.e. it can obstruct the signs of phones with in 100 meters sweep.

Use of this kind of circuits is restricted in the majority of the nations. Use of this circuit is illicit and on the off chance that you discovered by utilizing this circuit, you can be detained and furthermore should pay substantial sum as fine.

This circuit can be utilized as a part of TV transmission and furthermore for remote controlled toys or play things.

In the event that the circuit is not working, simply increment the resistor and capacitors esteems in the circuit. Increment the recurrence of tuned circuit by utilizing this equation F= 1/(2*pi*sqrt (L*C)). Increment the inductor capacitor circuit segments an incentive for expanding the recurrence.

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