Without removing fan or lamp from remote to remote.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

I know all my friends, sincere greetings
And love, I was sitting in tune for a long time
The lack of time is due to the fact that there is a will
Can not tune Who is you today
Giving a tuned gift, very nice hope
You’ll love: = Today’s Circuit
Is that you turn any switch away on or off
Can be able to do it effortlessly for you
Do not take remote control or hear me
It is astonishing that friends are surprised
Let’s switch away from remote to remote
Turn off or on. Not seen
To do this, the pars
Let’s see if there is a = LDR = first of all

After that any one of the chords =

Any kind of spray or platycic size = a

Here you can see the size of the different size of the spit in the upper left side

The way the cut tick will be cut in this way, because the LDR is to be placed on the floor below the LDR

No need to set this way after lighting. Just open the knot and see the image below =

Best of all, if you can collect platinum balls, LDR’s legs are not short-cut

If you get plots of cotton, then face it like this

LDR is the way to sit

This is LDR

LDR will start changing the value of LDR when the light of your torch light starts

The relay circuit that is connected with the LDR will be on the switch with the fan or lamp that you put on the switch

Toss lights can fly or burn through. Let’s see a picture of how LDR works

You may see how the LDR works in the picture. If you wish, with just two tranzes

Let’s see a circuit in the smooth led light circuit and can make a circuit

Here’s how the LDR works as soon as the LDR starts to light on and the value of the LDR

By changing, the triangle is switched on to the basement so that the lightning lamp in the collector flows smoothly. Anyway

Do not waste time and do not see the switch from now on or off to the circuitry

This ICT is used in the circuits to see ICT footings, see the picture below

LM or SN 741 Eight Pin Drop This ICT has been used here,

Now let’s see the entire circuit =

SN / LM 741 IC One
10k registers two
470 registers two
1k register is a
10k variable register is a
12v relay switch is a
Normal Diode A
2N2222 npn transistor one

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