What will the mobile do when there is no electricity?

By IKTech May 28, 2017

Today I will give you a sarcastit cave that is Sarakit

Maybe less than all of us will be useful. The areas which are now and electricity have not gone

Alternatively, this surkate is required for mobile users

We often travel to the picnic where electricity is arranged

Do not If we wish, we can rent the mobile here and the big cars

Or a good bike carrier is a good problem

The mobile will be charged. There is no use of char charts.

This parse is a regulator IC. This ICT has been used in 7806 =

Since the 12v battery is used in the car, in-put volts we will give 12v.

But the rules of the regulatory is that the input volts must be 3v in the distance from the put volts

Or maybe more of the put voltage plus I would lose the ICT excess heat.

Here’s a point we have used the 7806 IC input volt

As the supply voltage is given 12v then the input volts out of the gap of the put volts

A 10 Ohms Register has been used with input volts for 6V.

Let’s look at 10 ohus registers with color code.

This is 10 Ohus 2w registers whose color code is brown in black tomorrow. We all know (DC) DC any battery polarite

Such as the Progressive and Negative If any of the surveys supply voltage from the battery to the battery, then if the false and negative voltage is inverted

At the same time, the costly purses of Saraket will be destroyed by burnt burns. That’s why today we will show you such a beautiful system

There will be no polarity in the battery. Even if the battery neglected the negative negative, the fertilizer will not be lost. The way the circuit will run.

Let’s see the system.

Note that in the circuit, how do the connections with input volts have been connected

If you have connected the dial with any server, the server connection will not work, but the server will not run into problems.

The whole circuit is given in such a way, make connections and watch the mobile with the battery.

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