What is the array? The importance of arrays and arrays of arduino.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

What is the array? Arrays are the methods used to store the same types of values ​​under a variable. If you have an example, it will be useful to understand the matter. Suppose you have 30 students in your class. Now if you are going to call them all by different variables, then you have to declare 30 variables. But we will call 30 people but we’ll use the variable one. How? Let’s name my variable name roll. Now if I say whose roll is 5 he stand. But then one will stand. That is, we can call any student with just a number of variables called Roll. This is called an array. And the number that we have used with the array is the array index. This means that we want to call the number of elements of the array. But one thing to know is that the index starts in all types of programming language from 0. This means that if you want to call the first member of the array, the array index will be 0. If the number 5 is to call a member then the index will be 4. Of course I discussed this before.

The array is used in any type of programming language. Then think of yourself how important it is. Moreover, for the reduction of variables, but the array is very useful. When we do our next projects, we can write a number of complex complex codes in just a few lines with arrays. The real example of which I showed on today’s video.

There are several types of arrays. Such as: 1 Dimensional Array, 2 Dimensional Array, 3 Dimensional Array etc. Do you think the dimension is a little bit? But I will not say its definition. Saying with a direct example. In one word, to say the dimension is an array of arrays. In other words, when we put another array in an array, we will say 2 dimensional arrays. If 2 dimensional arrays are in another array, then say 3 dimensional arrays. Well let’s say in the example. Suppose a little before that we created an array for a class student. Now if I say that all students of a high school will have to create an array. So what will be the previous array? Now if we call Roll 5 using the previous arrays, then from class 6 to class 10 one will be able to do one of the classes. But then the matter is not unique. Now if we need to unite the whole thing then we need to add another factor to the roll. That’s the class. Then an array will also be created for the class. Whose components will be number 5 Now if we want to call the class 20 student of class eight, then first class will see from the array called a class. Then he’ll see from the class how much rolls That’s a 2 dimensional array. I hope you got done. There is no need to fear those who have not yet begun. Because we will discuss more details later in the array. Since today’s first video tutorial on arrays, today we will discuss 1 dimensional array and look at a real project. Watch the video.

Hopefully today’s episode you’ve got done well. However, if there is any problem, then tuamana will tell.

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