What is Seven Segment Display? How to use Seven Segment display in Arduino.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

What is Seven Segment Display? The Seven Segment display uses 7 LEDs or segments to display these 10 Numeric Digit devices from 0 to 9. Seven segments are not complicated. This display is made by connecting only 7 LEDs. The clock that we see in the mosque or other large shopping malls, the traffic display in the street using the time counter that we see in these are the Seven Segment Display. In order to work in the Arduino, we may need to use Seven Segment display in various tasks. As soon as we learn to use the Seven Segment display, we will create a project to build a digital thermometer. Where we will show the temperature using Seven Segment Display. So we first have to learn to use Seven Sigmatic display.

In today’s episode I will discuss how the Seven Segment display works. As well as using a digit display in a single digit, create a project to count from 0 to 9. However, to master the Seven Segment display well we will have to see a few more episodes. Because the Seven Segment display can be operated in a few ways. I will put all the methods in front of you and discuss each topic with detailed details. Today we will see how the Seven Segment display works and how to create a 1-count counter. Watch the video.

Hopefully today’s episode you’ve got done well. However, if there is any problem, then tuamana will tell.

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