What is PWM? How to make an analog signal in an adrenaline using PWM.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

What is PWM? PWM’s full form is Pulse Width Modulation. Through this, the signal cycles of the signals can be changed by creating any kind of voltage between 0 and 5 volts. Which means we call analog signal. To understand the matter well, first of us will have a duty bike? Before you know what the bike is? The bike is a full wave. Duty bike is the amount of time in which the signal was in high condition. When we give a command through the digital right function in Ardewin, approximately 1 980 waves or bicycles per arduino are completed. If the wave is always at 5 volts level on every 980 bicycle, then we get the pixel 5 volts in the output. Then its duty bike is 100%. That is, at the time of the wave of the wave it was at 5 volts level. Well now if it happens that a wave was 50% of the time of each cycle of 5 volt and the remaining 50% were in 0 volt condition. Then this wave of duty cycles will be 50%. In this case, what do you think the output? Now what is the output voltage 5? Not at all. We have said in the first place that approximately 980 cycles per second in Arduinoon is completed. The signals were in high condition for half the time of each cycle and during the remaining half the signal was low. Just think, this phenomenon is happening 980 times per second. Thus, what is actually found in the output due to the high and half-time high half of each signal? We get 0 volts and half of the 5 volt meaning 25 volt. Now suppose if the duty cycle is 25% then what will happen? A 25% duty cycle means that 25% or 4% of every cycle of signals is 5 volt or high and the rest of the time is low. This phenomenon happens to be 980 times per second. Then we get the final result ie output. We will see that in output we have 25% of 5 volt means 1.25 volts. In this way we can use any PWM in any voltage output from 0 volts to 5 volts. In the video, I tried to raise every example above with example and images and along with a real project. Watch the video.

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