What is Multiplexing? How to use Multidiged Seven Segment display in Arduino using multiplexing.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

What is Multiplexing? Multiplexing is the way to send multiple signals simultaneously with a single data line. This is the definition of the book. I am trying to raise the issue in reality. In the past you have seen that we used to display a single digit seven segment display from 0 to 9. But if we go to show 99, then what can be shown with a digit? I mean, when we go to show a big value then we have to use a lot of digits.

For example, if we were to create a digital clock we would have to use 6 digits. It should show seconds in 2 digits, 2 minutes and 2 digits seconds. Now think about it, there are seven pins on a Seven Segment display that have to connect with Arduino. If we use 6 digits, we need 42 pins. But there are not so many pendo arduinoes. Does that mean we can not use multiple digit display in Arduino? Of course I could. To overcome this problem, we will use the multiflexing method. As a result, we will use the same number of pins to use just one digit, but more than one can use the digit. What is the surprise Do not believe? No need to be surprised. This topic will show you today on the video. Let’s not know if:

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