What is Arduino? Basic discussion about Ardua.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

A new series of video tutorials have appeared before you. Our current tutorial is “Learn Aradueno at Home, Make Funny Fun Projects”.

Where we will continuously try to learn from basic to advanced level about Arduino. This tutorial is a video tutorial. Regularly each episode will be uploaded to our YouTube channel Nabha Tech World and try to tune in each episode again and give details.

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Earlier, I did a mega tune about Arduino. There are many information about Arduino.


Today we will discuss the 1st episode of Arduino. Today’s topic: What is Arduino? Basic discussion about Ardua

In this episode we will know what is Arduino? And some basic talk about Arduino. If Arduino is to do that, then what will be the first microcontroller? Microcontroller is a single chip micro computer.

That is, in this microcontroller you will get all the components of a computer. It looks like a common ISI.

Below is a picture of a microcontroller:

Microcontroller is a strange thing in electronics. It allows you to easily control any electronic device programmed by computer as you wish.

Take a look at Arduino Board:


Now let’s know what is Arduitota? Actu actually is nothing. A designed hardware to use only the microcontroller.

It has been designed so that it can be easily used. Watch the video for details.

Stay tuned in today’s episode. In the next phase, we will learn how to setup the necessary inventory to use Arduino. That is, how to set up the necessary software to set up Arduino.

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