What do the batteries in the mobile do? Let’s use it.

By IKTech May 28, 2017

For your table reading table easily with lost battery
Make the table lemp. To manufacture a lump,

[Mobile charity] is such an old battery, white color LED bulb

One, or two or three, one is a wat register of 10 ohms,
Any switch is a. Your table is leam. Come on now

Let’s see how to do the work and not see the purse,

This is an LED lamp bought in the market only two to three taka price

The lamp is better than buying white color. Since we use lemons,

It is a 10 Ohhus register color code brown in brown, a watt is good tomorrow.

Please note that if the LED lamp is to be lit, then a battery is a registered and a single lamp

But it is better to put a switch to turn off the lamp. Now let’s see where to put the switch

After switching the battery, let’s start the battery, how do I do?

See the picture above and see how the battery will be charged with the mobile phone

Here are some additional pars used. 1K register is a D1 Normal Rectifier Diode

One of the color LED lights of 4007 or any of the numbers is a. These are some of the purses

If the lamp is fired, it will be understood that the battery is being charged while charging the battery.

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