Those who want to play the harmonium, play the harmonium manually.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

Now you have to get the Orangan circuit Diagram.

Two ICs have been used in the circuit. The first NE 555 IC is manufactured by this IC

The original harmonium has been made. LM386 ICT has been used as an amplifier. Come on

Do not see the circuit now.

Friends, you have been given the circuit to spend time with the children who have time to spend time with children.

Diken did not start again with this song of Momtaz Begum. Then, in the holy month of Ramadan, I will again be recited.

Let’s talk about the work of IC NE555 ICT 7, with 7 100K variables, these variables are given.

Unite harmonium tunes. For all those friends who are tired of seeing a bigger salon

Apply a speaker to the NE555 ICT 3. The right side LM386 circuit is no longer needed.

The sound will be less than one tone but the harmonium will ring. Build and blow everyone up.

The switches that were used to play the harmonium You can use these push switches that switch switches are used for switching channels or changing the volume in the TV. It does not mean that the push switches used in toss lights can use this switch lane. However, in the market now to buy various types of soft push switches can go to Pauna. Take care of your choice.

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