The first project in Arduino, Arduino, uses an LED.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

Today we will discuss Arduino’s basic programming, and for example, learn how to burn an LED using Arduino. Do you think this episode only showed this small thing? Not really. Since this is the first part of direct work with Arduino, then we need to know how to write code in Arduino.
In this episode we will learn more:

What is the variable?
Some default functions of Arduino
How to declare any pin as an input / output in Arduino
Proteas have to find out how to find the components needed for a circuit serpentine
How to create circuits using different components in Proteus
How to use the code written in Arduino, how to use Proteus

I try to organize each episode in such a way that through various projects we can learn the basics of C programming that are essential for writing a program in Arduino. I want you to show the way through which you can create new projects yourself. So I tried to explain each line of the program written for Arduino, and then let it flow.

Because, I know how to create just a few projects, you can only create that project, but doing something new will be difficult. So instead I want you to learn how to write the program. So that you can do whatever your mind wants.

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