The Digital Thermometer Project in the Arduino using the LCD display.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

We learned about how to create a digital thermometer in Arduino on the 16th episode. In that episode we used the Seven Segment display to show the temperature. In that case, we could only show the temperature values. But if it was that our temperature machine would look nice, temperature is = 30C. Then the project would be more beautiful. But we know that only the number of seven segment displays can be displayed. So we have to use the LCD display in this case. The last phase is discussed in detail about how to use or how to use the LCD display. In today’s episode we will see how the project of the thermometer is to show LCDTV. Since the thermometer has to be created and the LCD display is used both of us have learned in the past. So today’s episode is very easy for us. So let’s see today’s video by not increasing the word.

Hopefully today’s episode you’ve got done well. However, if there is any problem, then tuamana will tell.

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