Sit down in the room and get the news of rain all the time.

By IKTech May 28, 2017

Which is a very nice circuits
The dry clothes on your roof are weting in the rain
Whether or not it is easy to understand sitting in the room.
You can take rooftops in the room to get the news of rain.
Especially in the city of Dhaka city
Whether it is outside rain or not fully understood.
Let’s not see the parsing used in the circuit.

This is a triangle, BC588 between ground, left collector, right emitter, grape PNP.

This is a triangle, D400 right beside, sometimes collector, left emitter, grapefruit NPN.
This is a ceramic capacitor with no polarity.

This is to create a rain sensor with your own hand. How to Build Sensor Tail
Market is available to buy Pcb board, this type of line cut is your job is the PCB board
The head and the lower head are shown in the picture in which the rain sensor is shown
And connect two connections, then connect with the circuit. Sensor will sit in such a way
Wherever the rain starts the rain water is easily so that the sensor is on top of it. With the rain water coming on the sensor
A kind of word will come out from the speakers as well. You can understand clearly, it is raining out.

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