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By IKTech May 28, 2017

I’ve had a few tunes in FM

Today is not the FM transmitter, today you will be giving gifts to the Wireless

Transmitter + receiver with one. If you use outdoor antenna

Half kilometar reception and transmittance can be very good.

Talk free of cost, spend 24 hours a day, pick up mobile phone money.

Let’s now arrange the circuit

Used Trngester

There is no match with the balls.

BF 194 has been used more in Transgender Sarakit,

That’s why we have not seen the transgender well, I

Earlier I mentioned that the number of companies in the same number of transgener

The reason for the manufacture of the triangle’s beige, collector,

Emir, this does not matter, Evo Mitradei B-C-E

To find out. It is easy to find B legs with Evo motors

But it is difficult to get out of the C = E EVO meter,

For this, I gave two pictures of the transistor. Please see the image below.

Well, notice that if the BF 194 triangle’s base is in the middle

Then the right foot collector, the left foot will be the emitter.

The left leg of the left leg of the BF 194 tranzeshar is left

The collector, the middle legs will be the emitter. In this way, take the legs of the triangle.

Now let’s talk about the 148th triangle, this triangle does not measure with a meter

Run because the right angle of the right angle between all the transgenders of BC grape

The left is the collector. Now let’s see the receiver part of the circuit

Q1 to Q3 = BF194 transgender has been used. Q4 = BC 148, Q5 = SL100 Transgener has been used. Quota watts registers have been used for 12

3 10.7 MHz ceramic filter has been used. Capacitor 6 Dial 1 Variable Register 1. Now let’s see the receiver and the transmitter together.

ICT Number CD4011 Take a look at the 6-pin Push Switch image that looks like this. Wireless Tantimeter means that the one-liner has trouble

This circuit has not used a single coil, so that’s why I think it will be easy to manufacture for the new product. Try it with the help. I hope you will.

Now let us use the Sarakit method

At first you have to make two such circuits. When talking, push the sweat will speak, and when you have finished talking, you will have to leave the pressure of the switch. In this way the Sarkitita

Use. DK 6V power supply in Sarakit. I hope everyone will build Sarvakit. The interesting thing is that all of these surkits will be manufactured by Tark

With bullets You can talk to each other, push push switch and talk to all the sarakite if you speak.

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