Run Color TV and ceiling fan with DC 12V battery. 180W Power Generate Yourself.

By IKTech May 28, 2017

Today, I will give you a pretty decent gift. To see if the circuit is small, but it is quite complicated. Do not neglect someone who is short in the circuit. DC 12V battery is manufactured from AC 220V.
With which you can run color TV or ceiling fans etc. If the transformer is a good converter then you can load 180W. Let’s not look at one eye surveillance with everyone.

The socket triangle used in the circuit is loaded when two (2N3055) sarcats are loaded, the socket trunchers will be very hot, so take good quality hitting. What are friends if your room ceiling fan and any lamp in your room

VCD / DVD / TV = How can you off with any remote. You can tune the surkit any day. Keep an eye on the tunes.

I have a few distractions of surveillance parse thinking that many friends have trouble understanding the tunes, and now I can see whether the racket can be manufactured by everyone.

Notice the image of the transformer above. Three legs on the right side and two legs on the left side. This Transformer is a Step-up Transformer.

Take a look at the side of the transformer, two of which are its AC 220V pull out. Now let’s count the number of cylinders, and how many numbers will they have.

30 number will give her 1400 patch. Now come down.

Transformer will see three sides of the two sides of the blue color of its two 2N3055 transtrator. If the middle part of the BD680 triangle is in the emmett.

Now let’s have him and his pitch number 20, his 120 + 120 patch.

This is the 2N3055 trangener. During hitting, be careful not to make a base emitter short.

Take a look at the bottom of the transistor. The left side of the middle of the two legs is more than the bottom, leaving the triangester in this position, the left foot B left foot E body C

The Beige Emir and the Collector are shown in the trangester.

There is no more than how much of the trunjesare used to have the Beige Emitter Collector’s picture. Because the tranjeshar companies manufacture different companies

Because B-E-C is counterclocky in many cases. For this reason, you will get rid of B-E-C with anomite. Everyone is good

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