PLC Programming and instruments.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

All the things that are needed to write the program

1. PLC Programming Software.
3. Computer (Desktop / Laptop)
4. Communication Cable

Notice the pictures below:

Black block here is what it looks like it looks like a USB to serial converter. Although it is an MPI cable used in Siemens PLS. However, from the picture above, you can take ideas from how to connect to the computer with PLC.
PLC Programming Software

At first install the software on the computer. Software should be compatible with PLC. For professional work, it has to be bought from PLC Company. Besides, there are many free softwares available in the net to learn, including simulators. Google can take it from the uncle. I gave you a link for your convenience. You can download it from here. The software is about 13 megps size.

Look at the software like this. See the picture below

Download Link:

Because it is very easy to install, Dilila Dilila. Runs in Win-7

This program allows you to practice the program. Can not connect or download PLC It requires the original software. Software will be written after the details.

Before you start programming any project, you have to decide whether to use or type PLC. Based on this, programming software and communication must be collected only. Suppose you use the Mitsubishi company PLC FX series. In this case, select the model you want to use, how many input outputs are used. If you use Mitsubishi Fx 1N-60MR / MT, you can use 36 inputs and 24 outputs. Here is the relay output of MR and MT transistor output. This model consists of both CPU and I / O. That means you can not input input extension only if you wish. Extension is possible in modular PLC. One is Compact PLC Another Modular PLC.
Computer (Desktop / Laptop):

You can use any desktop / laptop in Windows XP Base. If you use the USB to serial converter, you have to install its driver software. However, for the old model PL SIR, it is necessary to use the serial port computer directly, without any kind of converter. And Windows 98 Base.

Communication Cable

Various types of cable are available in the market, but not all work well. So it is better to use good quality cable and converter. And it is better to take it from PLC Company. You can create yourself to reduce costs. In that case, good quality Shield War and Jake / Connector should be connected properly.

At first you have to run the software on the computer. Select new project and you will need to type the laser diagram according to the machine needs. When you finish writing, you will have to download the program by connecting with PLC PC. The above figure is Mitsubishi FX series cable.

Today is the same ……………………….

Not to say a word that I learned practical work from PLC and from the net. Here’s a bit of flaws. Currently, I am responsible for the maintenance of maintenance of Walton High Tech Industries. It is late because the work is written in the blank. In the next tune, show how to write the Ledger diagram.

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