Now charge your mobile phone from your computer.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

Today will show Anadha to a circuit, that is the USB Put
How to easily charge a mobile phone,
Let’s say, not by increasing the words of work, Ashazak
First of all, we did not see anything in the cable cable and the color of the cable
First look at the red color wires (+) or the projective, the second is the black color (-) negative or GNG,
The third is white color data, the fourth is green color data + Now let’s see the cable with a USB put.

This is USB cable let us see the USB socket
If this is the USB socket, if the socket is placed in this position, then the top is negative, and the other is the projection.
In the way USB connections are made,
If your CPU is in these positions, then the USB socket is left to the left, the right side of the Negative, two-dimensional mid-d / d -connection process is not just two sides of two sides + and – the connection to the molecular cable will be the same as the mobile fence.
This is the USB cable if you do not find anywhere on your watch, there is no problem,

From your computer, you can easily hide your mobile phone with this USB cable
There are no more problems with your mobile phone, but many more such models are now just in the market
Puyo goes like =
See also in almost all forms of a USB cable, the mobile phone model has a charging butt planted with such a cable
You can track all types of mobile phones.
The way the cable will connect to the computer. There is no problem even if your computer is locked
There are more models available in this type of USB Cable Chair to buy only 55 to 60 bucks if you
If you want to give charity with a single mobile USB cable

Then you can buy this charity

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