Mobile Battery Charges Auto System

By IKTech May 28, 2017

The mobile Better is very easy with Surkit
Automatically can be customized.
Automatic systems such as mobile phones
When the bayarii charity a lamp
Whenever the bettory will be fluffy, then it will remain in the water
Once the automatic relay switch in the circuit sits in the circuit, the charity is in the Betri
Will be jailed. And take the lamp and another lamps will be in the water
Then we can understand that the bayatari is foiled.
Change the value of a few pars here to 6v 9v or 12v bracket
Can be able to cure the system
The advantage is to give a charity after the bayatula pulle char
Good betrays are damaged due to the bayyar over.

Let’s see if the pars used in the sarcat is not seen =
This is a regulator IC LM317 ICT has three legs, the middle of the middle part of the output, the right side input,

Adjust the left wing volt. Now let’s see some more pars

This is eight pins, an IC LM358

LM358 Ice Pin Connection Let’s now see the complete circuit =

Max is a well-intentioned fit, and the variable is then variable
Slowly rotate the register, and when the relay switches are closed, the variable register is no more
Do not lose Then apply a low-quality better when the Better Fill Choice will be banned in AutoCasteme.

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