Manufacture of two pencil batteries, twelve song music.

By IKTech May 30, 2017

Today is a beautiful circuit’ll give two pencil battery bar melody can listen to the circuit also run children’s bicycles or motorbikes can use if you wish the house calling bell as and can put it, sarkitite an IC and a few parse the manufacture has been I think if you look a little better able to manufacture all of ben’s at the bar all together again Try, let’s see the circuit:

ICT five six seven eight pin number to be connected to the negative or ground, ICT 2 -3-16 battery prajetibha line to be connected to pin number, pin number of ICT 9 and 12 must be short-connection, ICT pin number from one to 13 47p connection with the pin 15 must be nambara, ICT pin number from 14 to 15 the number of pins 100k rejistara connection with the use of ICT will be number 4 pins Athe come to be a 15k volts negative rejistara prajetibha Rectifier diode switch must be pushed to the head of the pressure switch with a push pin drop in the number of ICT applied to 11 bar melody sound from the speaker. See circuit two rejistara few purse, a tranjestara, a diode, a capacitor, and a speaker, which is required to manufacture circuit, let’s see

R1 = 15k
R2 = 100k
C1 = 47pf ceramic capacitor
D1 = 4001 Normal Diode
TR = 1815 NPN
IC = 34815a

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