Make your computer’s soundbox a mixer amplifier. Say, recite, play music, together with three macrophones.

By IKTech May 28, 2017

Today, I will give you the surchit that you will be able to use with this circute in the sound box or any amplifier in the connection with the input of three macrophones together. This circuit can be a mini mixer sarakit and say that the two
I have tried to make it easier for you to understand. Many people call it back again. All tunes are for the people,

Asakari can understand with this sarakit. Only two registered electritable capsets and a trangester have been used in five cartridges. The last time I saw the cut of my surchit cut and gave me a brother, one of my brothers. Headline has been given to make yourself a little less costly to talk. Do not duplicate the surkit in such a way that I would like to listen to my brother. Soon, today’s Sarakit does not see

Take a good look at the surkit, an out put, three in-the-put. Put the out put on your input box in the sound box. At the time, three types of inputs in three inputs
Apply the macro phone. Think you can recite music on a macro phone, make another presentation on another phone, on another microphone
Simultaneously, the sound of three microphone phones will be mixed with the D400 transgeser to the sandbox. Insert the volume of the input into the volume of the phone.
For those who have difficulty understanding the first circuit, I did this design for the D400 transistor emitter collector’s base legs.

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