Make a Fm transmitter easily.

By IKTech May 31, 2017

We all know about FM radio. Many do not sleep at night without having a Fm radio on smart phones.

We call this Fm radio station one Fm Transmitter. We can make such a transmitter very easily at home.

The FM transmitter we create will have a range of 100 meters and its frequencies 88-108 MHz. Let’s see how to create.
Required components:

Registry: Total 4
R1 = 180 KΩ
R2 = 10 KΩ
R3 = 15 KΩ
R4 = 4.7 KΩ
Capacitor: 9 total
C1 = 10 KPF
C2 = 10 PF
C3 = 20 KPF
C4 = 0.001 μF
C5 = 1 μF / 10V
C6 = 4.7 PF
C7 = 10 KPF
C8 = 3.3 PF
VC1 = 22 PF
T1 = BF194B
Microphone – 1
Inductors (22 SWG wire)
L1, L2 = 22 SWG wire with 3 turns in any chicken pencil.
L2 = 22 SWG wire with 2 turn in any chicken pencil.

Circuit diagram


Fig: FM Transmitter diagram
Circuit Properties

This transmitter can cover the area up to 100 meters.
Frequency Range of 88-108 MHz


We can divide the circuit into three important blocks.
We can make 88-108 MHz transmitting frequency by capacitor VC1.
Transistor T1 will convert the sound from the microphone to the electrical signal.
Also transistors will work as T1 oscillator. Which will generate 88-108 MHz frequencies.
This frequency depends on R2, C2, L2 and L3.

IC BF194:

IC BF194B, NPN Semiconductor Transistors. It is not available very much in Bangladesh. We uploaded a picture of your convenience.

Transistor BF194B

Transistor BF194

Here we can use two types of transistors.

Hope everyone can easily understand.

Why is it late? The project is ready today.

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