Make a fan in your own hand.

By IKTech May 30, 2017

Today you will show a circuit that will be useful to everyone. Allah is well aware of the problems of electricity in Bangladesh. That’s why the company has developed solar power table fan in the market. The price of the common fan is being sold at around Tk. 950, so that’s why today’s tuned If you can make this fan in your own hands, then you can make a little money. Now it is available to buy wings, peas, and pieces all in the market. Only you have to make a small circuit to reduce the speed of the fly and increase the speed. Many sediments can be used to reduce the speed and speed of the motor, but the DC 12V will be available in the supply voltage so that the thick stick will be good for you. Who would give you such a circuit? Let’s make the fan with a pea


When you are going to buy a motor from the market, one thing must be seen to see that there is no circuit with the back pard on the motor, so do not watch the motor with 12v supply or say in the shop that the speed of the motor will be bought by this moti. Do not forget that the speed of the blades of speed will not buy too much because the number of coil pellets inside this matter is very low if you use the mot, your speed controller circuits mounted in your matter will be heated. The market is now available in various quality peas.

Do not let the speed of the wand motors be reduced by solar power or 12v better.

Let’s make the circuit a little easier for all new friends.

To illustrate the circuit, the following image is given

317 How to connect with the Motorist registrar capacitor with ICT is shown.

R1 = 1k
C1 = .1
C2 = 1mf
VR1 = 10k
IC = 317

This type of villa is available to buy in the market,

Such size body shop fans are available to buy in open market

The fun of using anything by itself is different

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