Longrange FM transmitter Now let’s try one at a time.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

The FM Surakit that you will today is pretty good at the RENZ. If you can successfully build
Get Full Rainyz. If you can not properly prepare the sarakit and do not get the 100% runge
The tectonies of friends who have no idea about the electronics purse
I request you to get around those who have a good sense of electronics pars

Try it well in your hands and try after that. Hopefully you can succeed one day.
Let us not see the Sarakit once and do not delay.
These layouts have been there once a day. Do not have to miss them or not.
A PCB will take 20 cents a meter long 10 cents a meter.
Look closely at the PC.
From the copper-plated pc, the way the PCB on the top is cut white lines
Tick your PCB in the same way. During the cutting, note that the jump is not big in line shoots.
The way the PCB is ticked, it’s like you have a carbon copy. Come down this bar
Here is the parse lane that has been occupied by Sarakit’s bus. Come down this time
Some parsing names are written for you not to understand. Come down this time.
This is how the main circuit is used to put the purse on the PCBT as it has been fixed.
Take the phone in the audio-in-purit. Powder In Pooter Supplier Vaultage Antenna out breaks out Door Antenna.

The friends who find this circuit a bit difficult. Shutu, let them down, try to give a sacket with one piece.
The above is a circuted diagram. It is provided with a picture of how to sit with parsing pars. I hope there will be no difficulty in understanding.

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