Life Guarantee Dim Lights, Make Any Lights in Your Rooms Egg Lights Before Sleeping At Night

By IKTech May 29, 2017

This circuit gave me the This circuit gave me the ultimate
Easily create. The name has been manufactured with just a few pars
circuit Seeing how easy it is to build a circuit. Let’s not see the circuit once.
Any watt bulb used in our wires such as 25w-40w-60w-100w-200w- any watt
You can reduce and enhance the light as you wish. For example, the volumes offered in the circuits for 200w bulbs
You can also use it as an egg light by reducing light. The eggs which are bought in the market can be bought
They do not last long. Because the bulb of the bulb will be as thin as the number of pillments. Because of that less watt

Bulbs are too big to destroy the stars. Use the circuit. You do not have to buy Dim lights.
The friends who used Tevill Lamp. You can also use the Tequila Lamp circuit.
In the light of the lamps, you can reduce and reduce it. Those who have difficulty understanding the circuit Notice below
A Triax 400 / 600v = Any number. Any number of a drawer A 10k 1w register is a. 470k Best Quality
Volume Control A A 0.47 capacitor. Shoot the connection in the same way as the connection has been seen.
Do not touch the circuits anywhere. Platycic freshness is available to buy the market to buy the volume.

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