In Wireless system, charge mobile phones without connections only.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

Now create your own Wireless Mobile Charter
Without mobile cable, the mobile is different from the fun of any mobile
Charge without cable.Let’s see now Wireless
We need to create the system, we do not see it

At first a mobile char

One magnet, (magnet)
A USB CABLE, (Character Cable)

COPPER WIRE, (copper wire with copper)

Let us see how to build the wireless system.

First of all, a mobile phone

You can easily create your own picture by following the picture below.

First, cut the USB cable to 3.5 inches long.

Usb cut another head length of 3.5 inches long.

After cutting the usb, these four can be seen only red and black, and the rest will cut its shot

Remove the head of the wire from the plastics copper in this way:

With aluminium foil paper, we will pinch the head of the wire well

Copper with copper 34 N each 30T

After cassate it will make the paste well

In the head of the round, 34N will again give 30T each

At the same time, I will place the magnet with the dendrite glue right above the char

Put the charity on the power socket, place it somewhere near the mobile, see mobile phone will start without connecting cable,

It’s been your wireless system Mobile Character. Remember your whole life.

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