If your home’s regulators lose reading reading some days, then see solutions.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

I hope to present you a circuit today

Less than everyone will be useful. Compare the wings of the electric fan

It is very rarely lost, the foil is lost all the way

Regulator. Now that the regulator pawaya in the market now

These are the price of copper made of all electronics purse

Now it is due to the copper by the coil and the regulator of the coil

No company is manufactured. Currently electronics in the market

The ones that are manufactured with purse are usually normal

That is why the regulator is destroyed within a short time.

The circuit that I am preparing for today’s regulator

It will not be easy to miss the length of the regulator

You can stay free of thoughts. Now let’s have my own hand

Do not see how to create a fan regulator =

Once the regulator is manufactured, it can not be caught empty-handed while using electricity anywhere

As the AC 220V power can be hit by hand holding the circuit in the open hands

At home, open the old circular circuits of the wastewater

Just insert your made circuit in the cab.

Then safe for use.

This is the trayak T136 used here with a good hitting with the trayak

Take the plant will reduce the trayakata hot

This is a VeriBold register and you can say that the variable registers are mainly in circuits

And the trak is spoiled by these two paras, we’re ready to build ourselves

For this reason, we will buy the best and most elegant register from the market

See here for the fayer if the on-off switch is applied in the lower part of the variable

Do not use a different switch. Keep it subject all the time

The entire circuit will be powered by 220V if it is to check the circuit

At the head of a very volcanic eruption, you will need to plant a new plant.

This is the drawar which is not a puller, it is a connection to one head.

.1 / 400v Ceramic capacitor or mile

I regret the sadness of many times by tunis and some gentlemen

By copying thieves on your site, tune my tunes
I saw many such sites on the net [click here] and see in reality

This is the entire circuit of your fan regulator that has been manufactured with just a few pars. Hopefully everyone can build

Take a look that you’ll need a purse = Register two / Verebol Register A / Draaic A / Triax A / Ceramic capacitor

Many people may not know the fan, switch, regulator, how to put the connection to see pictures

Make a lengthy regulator with your own hand

Here’s a farewell to today

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