How to configure software settings for Arduino and Arduino boards with computers.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

Now let’s talk about things. At first we will know about Arduino’s software. We already know that Arduino is a hardware based microcontroller. It means controlling it using a computer. And it is necessary for programming. The order that we will give Ardwin to the programming language by using Arduino properly. Now it is the place where we will write these programs and upload them to our Arduino board.

Yes, for this we need a software. Its name is Arduino IDE. Using this software, we can write code for the addouro, compile it and upload the compiled code to the Arduino board.
You can download the software directly from Arduino website. It’s totally free. Many versions of the software have been released. But the version that was shown on the video is best to install the version.
Download Link:

Download Arduino IDE

There is also a detailed discussion of the software’s interfaces on the video. It was then shown how to make an Arduino board compatible with the computer. If you want to configure Arduino Board with a computer, its driver software must be installed. It’s very easy. There is a detailed discussion on this in the video.

In the video I used Arduino Uno R3 as an example. Many of you know that some types of Arduino boards are available to buy in the market. But Arduino Uno R3 is the best. It’s a good fit to learn newers. Below is a picture of Arduino Uno R3.

All of us can do the job using it. I myself personally created this interesting project with this board, which will be shared with you in the future. Now where do you buy boards? Many of the questions me do this. See, once it was difficult to find them. But in the last 1 to 2 years, these things became very easy.

There are many online shops in Bangladesh where you can buy this board. You can also easily buy all the necessary equipment at home. There are also many markets in Dhaka where these boards are available to buy. Among them, Swiming Pool Market is located beside the Bangabandhu Stadium in Gulistan. Someone will show it to you.

There is also a number of shops on the second floor of Mirpur-1’s tomb market. To communicate with Arduino Board on computer, use the USB cable provided with the Ardoooino board and connect it to the computer first. Then, the procedure shown in the video will be required to set up the driver. Then our Arduino board will be fully prepared to work.

If you can do these things correctly, then you can say that you are now fully prepared to create projects with Arduino. This is what has been discussed in today’s episode.


In the next phase we will learn to install a fun software. That’s how Prattasis ISIS software can be used to simulate the project computer created for Arduino. The matter is very funny. Please write the details in the next phase.

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