How PLC work?

By IKTech May 29, 2017

Sitting for a few days late for a short time. The work of P. L. Sei is actually very big. It’s hard to finish a little bit. Let’s see if we can understand with basic ideas.

Take a look at those who did not see the first episode.

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How PLC works:

PLC consists of three sections.

1.Central Processing Unit
2. Input / Output
3. Power Sapplai



All information is provided here. It sends any switches, sensors, variable voltage, temperature information, data etc. Information Central processing unit. The information obtained here is given in manual and machine-wise.
Central Processing Unit

It sends the information received from the input device to different parts of the output device according to the laser diagram. Note here that with input from the input device, the CPU diagram can also link some of its own information.


It sends the information from CPU to the machine through the relay switch. And the machine works accordingly. (Depending on the device used on the machine, relay may not be used)

The machine has been re-inputing the data through other devices with sensors while working. And in this way the cycle operation continues automatically.
Power Sapply

Its function is to provide required power to input, output and CPU. Arthong connection is recommended in this. The program may not run properly if it is not available, even if it is likely to be deleted. Arthong will be further described later.

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