FM transmitter is very easy to manufacture at low cost.

By IKTech May 28, 2017

FM transmitters even if all the friends have a strong will
Now we can not afford to think about them
Very simple FM Transmitter Circuit Diagram.

I can not do the tune due to the lack of time, I am sincerely sorry for the friends.

Only two tranquets were used in the circuit.
Six quota watts registers were used.
Six capacitors have been used.
A trimmer and a microphone have been used.

L1, L2 Here two coils have been used.

L1,18 her number, give her three pens and

L2, number 18, give her two pitch.

EcoNo pen for the manufacture of coils
It is better to manufacture his pouchy coils on top.
In the way of the coil pelagon keel wire
Do not be fooled. Offer 9V as a supply voltage.

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