Enter your name very easily, in digital system.

By IKTech May 28, 2017

Today you will be giving a circular gift to those who run a lot. With this sprint circuit, you can lighten out several LED lights, such as a zookeeper pocket, if you want to run your name on the run.
You can also burn your friend and your first name through the middle of the two letters.

To make a nice project, you can build a beautiful project through a circuit.

In this way you can also write your own name with the LED lamp, and the LED lights in different ways

Various designs such as =

You can decorate bulbs and bulbs in this way. You can design your own name and design.

This way you can designate and name. Let’s look at the chhut circuit

Register = 68 k two
Register = 120 Ohms two
Electrolytic capacitor = 10 mf / 16v two
Trangesher = c828 or c1815 two
If you want to put more LED lights, then put the transistor D880 and press 2x to the register.

Only two transistors, four registers, have two electrified electrodynamic capacitors, your circuits. Circuit DC 6V to 9V supply voltage.

In this case, the electrolyte capacitor is not given the value because the bulbs above the bulbs are not equal to all the specimens, but some of which is less because the speed of the lamps will decrease if the value of this value is greater than 10mf / 16v depending on the capacitor’s value. . The speed of the lights will increase when the value is less than that.

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