Enter the name and the name of your name with the digital system LED. With just two ICs.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

Create a fun circuits, enter your own name in the digital symmetry LED
With the lamp. Let’s see how to make a salutate.
Let’s type the letter with the LED lamp
A long leg is a slice of foot. The way in which the LED bulbs will =
Each named character combines the LED (long) legs into a conection.
See the picture shown above is attached to the collector of tranzeshor.
Likewise, the combination of LED chute legs together with ground or -vc negatives
Connection Tick that appears in the picture above.

Let’s not see the circuits.


Two ICs have been used in the Surcatit, another ne555 Cd4017
The values ​​of parcets used in the circuits have been provided.

(Letters can be reduced by the name of the variable register)

From one side to the other side will burn. Again it will burn again the same way.
The way the city lights up the sign on the board. You may have seen it in your hand.
Enter your own name in the same way that I typed my name here.
Give the 9v dc supply volt in the circuit. If you have any problem, try to pay for it.

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