Charming Bird Calling Bell Now Call the Tune Bird’s Calling Sandy.

By IKTech May 29, 2017

All the friends who want to hear the tune of the birds call the balloon, then wear it without delay
With me, take a few pars, three quarters watts register, two
Ceramic capacitors, two electrotherapy capacitors, an out put transformer,
A runner, a handful of these purses, made by Hughel our own hand
Bird’s call calling belt.

Electrolytic capacitor polarity has long legs + and chute feet – legs
Ceramic capacitors have no polarite footage, but there is no problem with counterfeit connections.
The triangle right leg bayjasera leg collect bay leg emitter.
How to create a circuit, first take a D400 transit, an one bend old
Get out of the radio, pull out the coils, buy a new buyer on the Abus Market.
With the out put, all the bullets that have its peaches as a coil in the out poot,
After renewal, the coil will have to be manufactured by 40 instead of the coil, above 200 in the Primer 200
A total of 400 pies have to be given. The coil is divided into two parts, on the left side of the coil, it implies that the triangle
It is primarily attached to the collector. The second part of the speaker is the secondary coil
Here’s one thing to note that two coils have been used in the upper and upper corner of the primary cell
200×200 200 200 200 200 total 200 patch. Top and bottom in secondary queue
A coil of 200 parchments down from above. Let’s go to the words of the work.
Starting from the pre-D400, the d400 triangular has three legs, the right w is the middle of the leg C.
Left foot E Move the connection in the same way that the circuit is shown.
The register and the diagram that is shown on the right side of the circuit. If you do not want to run with 9v / 12 volt batteries.
They can run directly from the 220Volt AC line for them. The way the picture is shown.
When running on 220v AC, do not touch any part of the base circuit.
Then they will be sorted out. You can see that the ceramic capacitor has two values in the circuit. 403/1
See that the ceramic and the bird’s duck can be heard beautifully. There are two electrochemical capacitors and two standards.
There is no polarity in the ceramic capacitor. But electrolytic capacitor has polarity, so capacitor + foot + a
You have to put on the legs and the capacitor can be brushed, you can make the circuit for the sake of being able to come.

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