Charge Mobile Phones Without Power Easy system.

By IKTech May 28, 2017

How to charge mobile without electricity.
Electricity alternatives, the way to be a danger partner, the mobile will pay.
Maybe somewhere went to visit where there is no electricity.
Or the wind power line of your village for several days
If you get disconnected, then let’s see how the mobile charity will offer.

Such pencil better can be bought in all places today, you will show such a circuit

With three pencils, you can easily pay any mobile phone. Now let’s see the circuit

Pencil Better How to Connection With Mobile

Hopefully everyone understands the Better Connection in the picture. If there is a better with another beta

If you think the connection is difficult, then buy a pencil beater’s plastic case to see the picture below.

If you buy a plastic case, you can easily make charities

Here’s what you need =

1 Three Pencil Better

2 Mobile charging pin

3 pencil betry case

4 around one yard of her.

Instead of the power of the char, temporarily can be crafted in another system. Let us see the following system.

The best of such 9v is bought from the market for only 30 to forty taka. It’s a good bet and a few

With a purse you can also create a mobile phone char, now let’s look at the below key.

In the form of diagram, many people are unable to understand the problem, so in this way, the picture is shown in the system. Now it will not be difficult to understand anymore.

To manufacture this circuit you do not have to see the pars that you need

1 9v Better A

2 AN 7806 Regulator IC is a

3 Normal Rectifier Diode is one of the numbers

4 100mf / 16v Electrolytic capacitor one

5 A pin of charging is a

Beenanera Chara in your hand. Now in the market ten heads of the four heads are able to buy six head cables

All types of mobile phones can be used with a cable. Let us see a picture of such a cable below.

It is a multi-storey market that can buy many more models to buy in the market

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