You can listen to the medium wave radio.

By IKTech May 30, 2017

Think about the transmitter or cordless walkie talkie, and it does not matter if you can make it. Yes, friends, who are you?
Speaking in the front of the speaker will be heard in the nearby radio. Now let’s not get familiar with parse.

The length of the trimester capacitor is not too high. Two PNP transiters have been used in the circuit. Speaker can use 8hum 0.5w small speaker as the speaker for speaking. But if it is better to use the telephone mouth speaker. If it gets distances and aggregates, then if you want to stretch further distance then the distance increases if you use the out door antenna. The circuits have been used to change the radio wave or frequency control of the media wave radio gang capacitor.

The entire circuit diagram is given. Only a few parses can be made by everyone.

Register = 27k
Register = 330k
Geng or trimmers
Pnp Any number of trangestor
Ceramic capacitor two C-xxxx

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