Build BLOWER machine on your own.

By IKTech May 30, 2017

Learn how to create an instrument that can clean your computer’s CPU inside and the keyboard cleaner.

To buy the above BLOWER machine, you will need to take more money, if you create yourself, then you will be able to make a small cost. It is very easy to bury your place where there is a lot of room on your door. With this machine you can easily clean the dust. This machine is available to buy in the market. But if you buy one good, it costs around fourteen to fifteen hundred rupees and if you make your own hands, one hundred Or you can make it between two hundred and fifty rupees, the biggest interesting is to make yourself handpicked.

At first we need that any two VCD cases will continue to be old,

Vcd caseet

Buy a box of plastic from the shop

Buy a big size plastic box about half an inch from the VCD case

Plastic box

If the motor is high on 12V then the price will be a little higher

Normal motors are priced at Tk 75 to Tk 80 only

Take a bottle of plastic rose water bottle when buying the bottle

Plastic rose water bottle
As a motor cover, I took my house from a broom

If you do not have it, you can use plastic glass instead. To create a machine, watch my video tutorial on video tutorials

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