A high-fai amplifier for your computing or mobile phone.

By IKTech May 28, 2017

Friends, I was sitting in tune with Gawi’s night, how is it that Jannina is
Sleeping pressure to write what you write to understand the Chinese, whatever the job
Let’s say I will show you a circuit today
All the computers used to work in less than computers

Take it. And hopefully all the friends who are using the phone in the phone
They will be able to understand and see clearly the headline
What is Circuit, let’s say Asakak Today’s Circuit
The High Pie Amplifiers Circuit This ICU runs a lot in the circuit
Designed with But the quality of the sound quality, in terms of quality

Very good, with this circuit, the best company in the market now is good company computer
As the soundbox sells in the market. Your circuit is very good speakers and
It’s good but it can not expect good sound at any time
Your sound box is not good. With that you amplifiers
With the circuitry, the speaker watt and the amusement to amplifier should be manufactured.
If you think a battery is connected to the radio (12 “) by using the Inchi Speaker
If the sound will be more than it will be your fault, because the speakers with the speaker
The amplifier should be manufactured.
Let’s look at the design of some speaker boxes.
You will be able to manufacture such a box, while making the preparation, be sure to avoid any gear that the wind does not blow out
That is why you have to apply the paste properly while wearing a pair of shoes. In this box three guards have been offered big offers
Put the twist on the twist to keep the chunks empty so that the inside of the box is filled with winds and whets.
If you like, you can put a cross-over inside the box that will make your box sound more sweet.
Offer midrange and twitter sound will be different, so the sound will be very beautiful.
However, Allah will tune the entire cross-section of the crossroads on another day.
The boxette is also good for the design and box.
If you like, you can see a few more boxes.
If you use three speakers, then you have to make such a box.
An offer is a midrange for a Twitter Wind and Vit Out
A guard has been kept in the box.
You can put such a 40w 4humus speaker to play this circuit.
Let us now see the amplifier circuit =
This is the Amplifiers Sarakit
This is the TDA2030A Employee Power IC
In this way, ICT should start from the left side, the last foot of the five feet of ICT on the right foot, the number five pin.

Here’s a point to note that the thick elmonamous plate is not attached to the IC or the ic extra
Ammonium plates can be destroyed by heating and it is called TK Hitsing.

See ICT well, due to the use of hitting without any hitting, it becomes more hot. Of course, hitting the hooks properly
For those who want to lobby, buy a double for stereo.
1 / TDA2030A IC is a
2 / 40W 4 Ohhus Speaker A
3/2200mf electrolytic capacitor two
4 / 22mf electrolytic capacitor is a
5 / 0.1 capacitor three
6 / IN 4007 Rectifier Dial 2
7 / 22k register two
8 / 1.5 Ohms Register One
9/680 Ahoms Register One
The TDA2030A Employee Diagram, beside the purse, has the standard ICT mono you have to create two such circuits.
After writing 2030 at the time of buying the IC from the market, take a look at the A because TDA2030 IC watt and volts without A written
The two are less. The 18V volt 5A transformer will be installed as the supply voltage that ICT used here.
The stereo mode shown here is the way William and Tone will connect with the amplifier. Put out on the right side
If you want to play with your computer, connect here and connect to the mobile phone if you want to play it.
In the left side, the input will mean connecting the audio signal from the amplifier.
Here’s a simple way to connect with your computer.
All of us can not afford to pay for this.

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