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By IKTech May 28, 2017

Friends, how are you all expecting everyone is well.

May everyone pray for me is better than the current

High pressure is going very well. Whatever the Job

Let’s hope, there is no TV in the present day

There is very little, where in the world do you think every euphoria

We get news from television by sitting on TV.

Many times all the television channels are seen

The picture is not clear, it can be seen many times

The picture is clearly visible but the sound is not clear

Just listen to the sound, so today you

A trunk that gave a circular gift to a very short run

If you use all of your television channels

The sound and the picture will be absolutely clear and dazzling. Such as

Such a picture of the Japanese picture lane will be very clear

Let’s see the change is understandable by seeing the picture

If you have a television viewer like this, then create a Sarquit today and enjoy the beautiful pictures

After using the circuit, Jossa photos are beautiful, and beautiful pictures, and the camels are more beautiful.

Let’s make the circuit and do not delay

Circuits are not used to be familiar with purses

If you get the triangle, then it will work well with it,

Notice that the arrow marks part well. See the picture below, after that,

Now look at the triangular T (1324) four feet of the emitter, beige, collector

In this way, the left side of the triangle, left side of the arrow emitter, right-leg legs, its adjacent collector,

If this number is not crossed by the triangular number then you will see another number below.

4308 triangle three legs left leg beige, center leg emitter, right foot collector, let’s see the circuit no longer =

If you are unable to understand the circuit then you can easily make another easy to understand the other one. Let’s see the below given instinct, as if connecting with a parse to other pars.

To create a circuit, you need a purse shot

2.2n capacitor two
4308 transit two
75 registers two
100 Register One
680 Register One
820 Register One

Make your watch TV movie more stylish and beautiful with just a few purses.

Today, I have bid farewell to you

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